MSU Medical Student’s Invention Brings Mobile Devices into Sterile Settings


Thanks to a student from MSU’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, doctors can access critical information on their smartphones without compromising hospital health codes. CleanCase is the first device-specific, fully FDA-compliant product that allows surgeons to safely bring mobile devices into the operating room.

Surgeons bring mobile devices into the surgical field for two main reasons: to capture media for medical records and to use mobile medical applications. The CleanCase cover, developed with investment from Red Cedar Ventures and Quantum Medical Concepts, uses patented technology so surgeons can have full mobile device functionality without endangering patient safety.

“The CleanCase is a first-of-its-kind product that will empower physicians to use the best and latest medical technology on their mobile devices, without ever compromising safety,” said Rob Zondervan, PhD, CEO at SteriDev, LLC, the Lansing-based medical device company that developed the technology.

Zondervan, who has over a decade of clinical and academic medical experience, came up with the idea when assisting during an operation. In addition to his leadership role at SteriDev, he also serves as the Spartan Innovations Senior Fellow, providing medical advice to startup companies.

“From the company’s launch to the development of its groundbreaking product to FDA approval of CleanCase, Rob and his team are taking SteriDev to the next level”, said Jeff Wesley, executive director of Red Cedar Ventures.

Launched in 2016, Red Cedar Ventures has deployed more than $3.5 million in pre-seed and follow-on capital into MSU-based startups. Those dollars have raised over $100 million in outside venture capital.

“Startups are challenging,” Wesley said. “I admire anyone with the grit and determination to take an idea and forge it into a reality. Watching Rob balance the challenges of a startup with the rigors of a medical residency — that’s a feat. We’re honored to invest in this Spartan startup team.”

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