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PhenoLogic, Inc., a Michigan-based agriculture technology startup, has announced a partnership with Sente Foundry – a Chicago-based startup investment platform and global venture firm Hatcher+ to fund PhenoLogic’s continued technology and development as well as expand its piloting program across North America.

Founded in 2019 by MSU alumni Traverse Jurcisin and Josh Murray, PhenoLogic designs smart hardware and software for commercial agriculture and horticulture producers. Their trademark product, Poseidon, is an automated in-line fertigation unit designed to prepare and deliver user-defined fertilizer recipes across multiple feeding zones.

In April of 2020, PhenoLogic was awarded $15,000 from the MSU Burgess New Venture Challenge – a highly competitive event with 15 student teams competing for $42,000 in total awards.

In addition to support from the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, PhenoLogic garnered investment and grant funding from Red Cedar Ventures, a wholly owned subsidy of the MSU Foundation.

PhenoLogic was also a part of the 2020 MSU Conquer Accelerator cohort where they participated in a 10-week program, focused on completing tailored, goal-driven benchmarks as well as one-on-one mentorship in a creative working space with resources to grow their company.

“PhenoLogic has been a great addition to the Conquer Accelerator portfolio. The founders, Traverse and Josh, really understand their market and the value they bring to it,” said Tom Stewart, program manager with Conquer Accelerator. “Smart fertigation systems will not only be integral to the growing cannabis industry, but it also has significant implications to the entire indoor and vertical farming industries.”

Stewart’s expertise in organizational design, program design and operational strategy has provided significant support to PhenoLogic entrepreneurs as they’ve worked on establishing their startup.

“Traverse and Josh are a great team to work with. I’ve watched their expertise grow, and we’re so proud of how far they’ve come with PhenoLogic,” Stewart said.

Now, almost a year later, PhenoLogic continues to grow as this partnership is part of their advancement into phase two of Sente Foundry’s Indoor AgTech Program. Within this program, selected companies will join an ecosystem of indoor agriculture technology companies, AgTech investors and multi-state producers equipped to direct their innovations.

“The extensive industry experience and network that Sente Foundry and Hatcher+ bring makes them ideal partners as we pursue our expansion strategy,” said Mateo Marchan, sales and marketing consultant at PhenoLogic. “We’re excited to continue cultivating relationships.”

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